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Advisory Consulting & Facilitation

Nobody’s more committed to giving you exceptional
and facilitation for your business than us.


Our Mission

To see all our clients, governments and non-governmental, as well as private and corporate entities, achieve their goals, purpose, and objectives through the very high quality consulting services offered by our company.

Mission & Purpose

To use our skills, knowledge, and capabilities optimally to solve important problems and meet the vital needs of all our clients and society at large.

Our Values

We hold, and uphold the humane Canadian values of integrity, honesty, and reliability; while we build trust, care for and work together with others for greater good of all humanity

About us Advisory, Consulting and Facilitation

We are a Canadian company, North American Strategy
Consulting Limited, located and incorporated in Canada, we are willing, able, and ready to serve you anywhere you need us in the world.

Company Federal Corporation Number 1216705-1

NASCO LTD as a consulting service works with large contract teams having
many dozens of highly qualified Canadian and multinational technicians, technologists,
and other professionals with decades of rich experience in various fields of expertise, including science and advanced technology, finance and economics, national defense and security, social welfare and development, industrialization, global marketing, and international trade.

We have the means to help you


We will solve your problem at your request, we will get the job done, within your specified timeline and scheduled deadlines as required by you


We provide you the intelligence and road map you need to be successful in your project.


We provide you will a network to execute your project

Our Team Best Team

Olugbenga Adeolu

Olugbenga Adeolu


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